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    Just how can a professionally designed website help your business?

    Web designAthena Web Solutions provides quality and award-winning website design. Creating a successful online presence starts first with having the right online strategy. Design is just one element of that overall strategy.

    Websites have quickly evolved beyond the brochure-style of the past. Today, they are tools that allow you to develop and strengthen relationships with your clients and add functionality to enhance and simplify your business objectives.

    Who do you want to attract?

    At Athena Web Solutions, we take the reverse approach to your website. We never start with design or functionality, like most web designers. Instead, we start with understanding what goals your business or personal website and who you want to target.

    If you already have promotional material such as a company brochure, that will help us in getting your site up and running quickly. We can use the material you have as guide to creating a site that will compliment your current marketing materials.

    What will be on your site?

    PuzzleThink about your target market and who you want to attract to your website. Focus on features and information that might be useful to your target audience. Your site could feature a directory of links for people in your industry. Or you could feature discussion groups, chat rooms or a blog. Or house a repository of information for your visitors. The important thing is – THINK USEFUL.

    Search engines are looking for web sites that people on the internet find are useful. Even if your only aim is sell a product online, the more useful the site is to visitors, the more successful it is likely to be. The more useful a website is, the more people will talk about it, the more likely it is going to mentioned on radio or TV or Facebook, and the more people will link to it from their websites.

    What is a Content Management System (or CMS)?

    It’s a web solution system that allows you to manage your website and contact database all from one central place.  We provide a user-friendly foundation for every site we build. Our content management system allows you to maintain, edit and grow your website without any knowledge of computer programming.  We will continue to move you forward by offering ongoing support.

    Athena Web Solutions stands ready to support your online promotional needs.  We are knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and the WordPress platform.  We’re a small team with huge capabilities.

    AWS is committed to providing qualtiy work that will bring you results.  On time. Within scope. On budget. Responsive and dependable customer service and support.  Our goal is to develop successful websites.

    If you’re serious about your project and want the best team possible to develop it, then contact us today and let us show you how we can take your business to the next level.

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Athena by Thalia Took

The Goddess Athena is the grey-eyed, head-strong daughter of Zeus. She is the archetype of intelligence, logic, strategy, diplomacy, foresight, planning, mastery of craft, and patience. Athena is the goddess of Civilization and Wisdom. We bring creativity, intelligent planning and focus to our web projects. Our goal is help you create a successful online presence.

Make an IMPACT with your next web design project with Athena Web Solutions!