• You have a small brick and mortar business that you want to advertise online, so you can grow your clientele and attract a larger , maybe even national, audience.

    Or you still work for someone else, but are itching to start your own business.  You want to target and attract your unique audience who are looking for exactly what you have to offer.

    Or your ideas are influencial within your circle of interest…  How do you find and interact with more (maybe even on a global scale) like minded souls?

    Or maybe you already have a web presence, but are not seeing any traffic. Where is everyone?

    Everyday people are searching online for exactly what you are offering.

    Will they find you?

    Websites as opposed to traditional advertising are:
    Global success

    • INEXPENSIVE: Changing website content can be made at a minimal cost as opposed to the cost of reprinting a brochure.
    • COMPELLING: You can not create the dynamic effects of a website with traditional print material.
    • REACH: You can now market to the entire world instead of your localized area.

    Professional web design is important, but it is not EVERYTHING. Your website shouldn’t just sit there and look pretty. Web design requires the right balance of compelling graphic design and sound marketing strategy. Your website, and its ranking on Google and other top search engines, is your key to increasing sales and success on the web. Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) will drive hundreds of new eyes to your site.

    When Planning Your Website: Think about your target market and who you want to attract to your website.  Focus on features and information that might be useful to your target audience.  At Athena Web Solutions, we never start with design or functionality, like most web designers. Instead, we start with understanding what goals your business or personal website and who you want to targetYour site could feature a directory of links for people in your industry.  You could feature discussion groups, chat rooms or a blog.  Or you could house a large repository of information for your visitors. The important thing is  – THINK USEFUL.

    Athena Web Solutions stands ready to support your online promotional needs:
    SEO - Search Engine Optimization

    • We are knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, MySQL, PHP and the WordPress platform.  We’re a small team with huge capabilities.
    • AWS is committed to providing qualtiy work that will bring you results.  On time. Within scope. On budget. Responsive and dependable customer service and support.  Our goal is to develop successful websites.
    • If you’re serious about your project and want the best team possible to develop it, then contact us today and let us show you how we can take your business to the next level.

    Athena Web Solutions creates great looking websites at reasonable prices with fast turnaround times. We help individuals and online businesses get found, followed and converted online with our web design and SEO services, which includes keyword strategy, website optimization and search engine ranking. AWS provides both local and national search engine optimization, designed to meet your business or individual goals and budget. We are always looking for new and exciting projects to work on and treat every project with the highest attention to detail.

    Make an IMPACT with your next web design project from Athena Web Solutions!

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Athena by Thalia Took

The Goddess Athena is the grey-eyed, head-strong daughter of Zeus. She is the archetype of intelligence, logic, strategy, diplomacy, foresight, planning, mastery of craft, and patience. Athena is the goddess of Civilization and Wisdom. She is the patron of artisans, craftsmen, tradesmen, and male brotherhoods. Her emblem is the owl, the wise bird, with keen sight in darkness.

Athena's owlShe is the weaver of Pandora's silvery garment. Such weaving, as Plato establishs, is not patchwork or darning. It is not haphazard. Rather Athene's art is the systematic plaiting of strands together. (Hillman, 1980, p.28) As a symbol, Pandora's dazzling garments carry Athena's wisdom, independence, creativity, and art of persuasion

The Goddess Athena is the emblem for Athena Web Solutions. We bring creativity, intelligent planning and focus to our web projects. Our goal is help you create a successful online presence.

Make an IMPACT with your next web design project with Athena Web Solutions!